Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bitcoin Exchange:

Bitcoin is not much different from a computer or mobile application that provides a personal wallet, which allows users to send and receive Bitcoins. Although there are many exchanges for people looking for an opportunity to trade or invest in BTC before starting to know how the system works. The process of transferring money through exchange can be a tough process. Getting it is not easy, which explains why it is important to involve or exchange Bitcoin brokers. The process of finding a broker or exchange is more than finding the best looking site. Factors to consider when swapping swaps include:


It is sold in a market where traders and investors look for opportunities to sell or buy the currency. Therefore, it is advisable to consider liquidity that has an exchange. The term liquidity refers to the ability to sell an asset without substantially affecting prices, which in turn causes price declines. The more sellers and buyers there are, the greater the liquidity. Some large exchanges offer high sales prices, which in turn creates an effect that allows the system to create a large network where more people can join.


Bitcoin remains relatively unsettled, though the landscape will change in the long run. There is a greater impact on the financial industries and the media in this regard. We will try to get more governments willing to exercise some control over the transfer of monetary value. This is attributed to the need for governments to monitor and prevent the use of this tool for illicit activities such as money laundering, drug smuggling and terrorism. Due to price differences, it is important to clarify the geographical location of any exchange. Moreover, the stock's location will dictate to investors and traders what laws they should follow.


Buying and selling involves money. Money is an ideal stimulus for brokers or exchanges. However, unlike buying bonds or stocks, Bitcoin stocks charge a percentage, while discount brokers used by most investors charge flat rates. Over time, interest rate modeling, buying and selling can be expensive. Some popular exchanges charge higher interest rates on a sliding scale basis. Consequently, they charge less when more volumes are sold in thirty days.

Facts Miss Universe!

California55 years

As well as Brazil and the USA in the 50s and 60s, Sweden was one of the world theatrical beauty contests. In 1955, the Scandinavian nation was the world title.

long beach 58 years

It is strange that Dutch Guiana – modern Suriname (South America) – was one of the 15 semi-finalists, but was not included in the list of five finalists.

Miami '61

Miss Universe 1961 Marlene Schmidt was born in the former East Germany, but she moved to West Germany in the search for peace and political opportunities. She is the first and only German who won an international award.

America 65 years

After winning the competition Aspara Hansakula (Thailand) went on a world tour, stopping in the US, Asia and Latin America. Dark-eyed girl – the most famous beauty queen in Thailand.

Florida '66

Inspired by the victory Hansakuly, representative of Thailand Zheranum Savettanum became the second prize-winner.

Miami '71

Miss Universe Georgina Ryzk Lebanon, a native of Beirut, was one of the first Miss Universe, which is a & # 39 appeared on a national postage stamp. She, who participated in the "Miss World", about five feet high by seven centimeters (it is higher than that of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco), weighs 121 pounds and measures 35-25-35. In addition, the Miss Universe Lebanon has four foreign languages.

Salvador 75 years

One of the most famous archaeological treasures of Central America, Tazumal pyramid was chosen organization "Miss Universe" as a symbol of the 23rd Miss Universe 1975 in San Salvador (El Salvador).

Acapulco 78 years

Devi Sukarno, the former st lady of Indonesia, was one of the international judges, along with Mario Moreno Kantynflasam (Mexican actor), Ursula Andrassy (Swedish actress) and other well-known celebrities. Devi was the wife of the former dictator Ahmed Sukarno. one of the most brutal rulers of the XX century.

Perth '79

Before Bafutatsvana international sanctions, it has not been recognized by the O & # 39; the United Nations and Washington, sent a representative to Australia to the site of the beauty contest. Unfortunately, delegatka Bofutatsvany Alina Mokettse, black girl, was not included in the list of 12 semifinalists. As Transcom, Wendy and Chisko, Bofutatsvana was founded by the former South African apartheid regime.

Perth'79 and Paradise Island & # 39; 09

Venezuela is often seen as a model for the competition Miss Miss Universe on Earth. In 1979, the representative of Venezuela Maritza Sayalera was selected MU in Oceania. In August 2009, it is a rich oil country became the first country, which won the final of the "Miss Universe". Between 1979 and 2009, the Latin nation won six world crowns: Australia 79, New York 81, Panama & # 39; 86, Las Vegas & # 39; 96, in & # 39; etnam & # 39; 08 and the paradise island & # 39; 09.

NY '81

18-year-old Venezuela Irene Saez Conde did not learn English until he was awarded the "Miss Universe" in the US in July 1981. In the course management, under the watchful eye of her Professor Joseph Nasif she learned to speak English very well.

Panama City '86

Miss Denmark Helena Christensen, who not only mentioned in the Panamanian press, not even passed the semi-finals of the contest "Miss Universe Panama & # 39; 86", but after seven years, it is half the Peruvians, has become one of the world's best super-models 90 ies, as well as names such as Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.


Four beauty queens from Asia – Thailand (Porntip Nakhirunkanok), South Korea (Yunjung Chang), Japan (Mizuho Sakaguchi) and Hong Kong (Pauline Yeung) – among the five finalists. In this edition of Miss Thailand was crowned "Miss Universe" in 1988. In addition to winning the trophy universal, she also received the "Best National Costume". In Taiwan Nahirunkanok finished a three-year dominance in Latin America, the international competition. In the past three competitions won Deborah Carthy-De (Puerto Rico / 1985), Barbara Palacios (Venezuela / 1986) and Cecilia Bolok (Chile / 1987). Mexico Amanda Olivares was the one who challenged the top of Asia: it has taken the third place in the global competition.

Cancun89 years

After the fall of the contest "Miss World" in Spain / United Kingdom Angela Visser, Miss Holland, it became the "Miss Universe" in Cancun. According to experts of "Miss Universe", blue-eyed woman, ex-madelerka from Rotterdam was one of the most beautiful beauty queens of the twentieth century.

Las Vegas, NV '91

The representative of Ireland Sioban MakKlafertsi, 20-year-old housewife, was not included in the list of 10 semifinalists, but won the "Miss photogenic". Miss Ireland Universe, blue-eyed girl who took 19th place (swimsuit: 8.08 points / interview & # 39; w: 8.88 / evening gown: 8.44) at the international competition in Nevada. It is interesting that she came to victory in the 1990 "Miss World" – MU rival – in the UK.

Bangkok '92

Suriname – galandskamovnaya the only republic in the Americas – ranked last: 78th.

Taylanda92 from Manila to & # 39; 94

Until 1994 Miss Colombia the third year in a row is located on the second place. Unfortunately, the South American country has not won MU trophy in 51 years!

Las Vegas, '96

In previous entries Miss India received the highest score in the interview & # 39; w: 9.48 points, ahead of Venezuela (9.43), the US (9.37), Peru (9.36), Chile (9.28), Salvador (9.26), Trinidad and Tobago (9.23)) and Norway (9.19). Contestant India Sandhu & # 39; I Chyb entered the top ten, but did not become one of the finalists.

Trinidad Tobago & # 39; 99

AFRICA Bostvana – a little-known country, which has never won a beauty contest and won a worldwide competition in the Caribbean. The first time since Namibia (1992), a little-known nation has won a prize.

Los Angeles '06

This year, Puerto Rico won the fourth award "Miss Universe" after finishing second in the 2005 "Miss Universe" in Bangkok, Thailand. On the island, a series of celebrations, after Zuleika Rivera received in North America, the universal title.

paradise island '09

According to the ME experts, Miss France, Chloe Mort, was the favorite, which was preceded by a contest to win MU title in the Bahamas, ahead of Rachel Ann Finch (Australia), Ada Aimee de la Cruz (Dominican Republic), Iveta Lutokskuyu (Czech Republic)), and China (Wang Jungyao). Surprisingly, it is, the double French-American citizen, was not included in the top 5 and took the sixth place. French Mort was the first black, who was named a favorite since the days Vanessa Mendoza, Miss Colombia, in 2002.

What are the best islands to visit in Greece?

The most popular islands to visit in Greece, with the & # 39 are Santaryni, Mykonos and Crete. But without a doubt, every time you talk about “the best”, you go here to sub & # 39 objective opinion.
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Thus, it really is determined by what you would like, they are looking for and your personal tastes. Although the Greek islands may be the most popular, it does not always mean that they are your personal favorites.
In Greece, there are 1400 islands, 227 of which are inhabited. At least 80 of them have more than a hundred people. Thus, you have a lot of choice.
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You like well-developed tourist places or roads? Maybe you prefer the ancient history or emerging hot spots? Various islands serve different tastes.
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Most of the Greek islands are in fact in the Aegean Sea (Greece and Turkey), although some have in the Ionian sea, on the Italian side of Greece. To get to the Aegean islands, usually go from Athens. This is the traditional route holidaymakers. If you have only one chance to visit the Greek islands, it may be your best bet.
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Mykonos (which is located near Athens) for some can be expensive. This is especially so if you book a place to stay in one of the most popular hotels. However, if you just stay outside the village, it is much more accessible.
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The visitors usually have the most amazing things that can be said of Crete (between North Africa and Greece). North coast of Crete – is a tourist part of the island. On the south coast, however, there are beautiful beaches, you often can have for themselves, being far away from hotels and villages.
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Santoryni (north of Crete) is very tourist and very popular. It is great for most people, as it mainly provides everything you need and want the average tourist.
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In addition to these very popular places, pig-Naxos (north of Santoryni and more to the mainland) can give you one of the most affordable vacation and comes with beautiful beaches, historical monuments, beautiful architecture and campsites.
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Corfu in the Ionian Sea – the most popular island. There are plenty of restaurants, beaches, bars, clubs and culture.
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In addition, in the Ionian Sea is a very beautiful island of Lefkada, again with fantastic beaches, excellent food, much can be done for the tourists and at very affordable prices. There is also a bridge connecting the island to the mainland, so you can rent a car and drive between the two places.
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If you have been to Greece before, try some of these other places, and then you can determine what the best islands to visit in Greece. On the other hand, if you are going to Greece for the first time, the best thing is probably to visit Santoryni and other beautiful islands of the Aegean.

Exploring the city Meryda – Investments in properties kandaminiyav Yucatan Peninsula

Last week I briefly described the history of the Yucatan Peninsula, since its discovery Hernandez de Cordoba, describing the impact of the Maya Maya in the region and stressing the importance of the Mayan people for the Mexican tourism industry. In addition, I described a geological & # 39; waking Yucatan, such as the absence of the above-ground rivers, abundant deposits of limestone and wonders tsenotav or deep pits filled with groundwater.

This week I'd like to talk about their experiences in Meryda. I rented a car and began the journey of Princess Riviera, located on the Mayan Riviera, moving in the direction of the city of Cancun on the main highway, which locals call the "federal". From princes to Riviera Cancun, I drove about 120 kilometers, contemplating the kinds of collecting road feel and the Mayan population.

The road is well-groomed, although it contains a lot of "los poems" or inequalities in the way that serves the government's strategy to reduce the speed in the more populated areas. Sometimes these annoying top so strongly marked (using yellow paint) that I almost ended up in the air in your car.

Cancun is located to the east of the "federal", so I turned to the west on the other highway (Federal 180), which connects Cancun with the big city Meryda.

To get to Merida (located approximately 320 kilometers from Cancun), I drove through the city Koskan, Himaks, Valladolid, Ditas, Tunkás Municipality, Izamal, to finally get to the Merida city center. Meryda has a fascinating history; This city was built primarily on the T & # 39 city ruins; ho (the old Mayan city). Beautiful Catholic cathedral was built with stones transported from the Maya pyramid. Maya Merydu cherish as a special place in their culture, thinking that it is the center of the universe, and the point where all the lines intersect (or energy center). Currently upgraded Meryda serves as a place of cultural and commercial meetings, a wide range of products freely exchanged. In Meryde there are a lot of parks that are inhabited by people of different cultures, heard loud music at night, dance and rejoice. Meryda bring foreign tourists who wander in search of colonial treasures.

The main center of the city, known as the Zocalo, fills a city block in the north is bordered by Calle 61 (in Spanish called street), Calle – 62 in the west, Calle – 63 in the south and Calle – 60 in the east. The best way to discover the city – to use a local map of the city and roam, never get lost, because the streets are numbered in such a way; even-numbered streets run north-south, the number increases to the west, and odd numbers – from east to west and increasing to the south. During his stay in Meryde I researched the following places: the Zocalo, the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral of St. Idelfonsa, Casa de Manteho, Regional Museum of Anthropology and History, Museum of Art and popular El Hidalgo Park (free concerts marimba).

Cathedral of St. Idelfonsa: This old (built in 1598) Cathedral over 400 years, making it the oldest cathedral in the Americas. Like most of the colonial buildings of the Yucatan Peninsula, the cathedral was built using stones stolen from the temples of the Maya T & # 39; ho. The main feature of the cathedral from the & # 39 is an impressive 20-meter-long wooden representation of the crucified Christ, who is considered one of the largest of the Crucifixion in the world.

Palacio del Gob & # 39; EPHA: built from 1883 to one thousand eight hundred ninety-two year, the palace was built using two architectural styles known as Tuscan (main floor) and Dorian (top floor).

In the palace contains the giant murals that tell about the Spanish rule over the Maya culture and history of the Yucatan Peninsula. Picture, met on the stairs, showing Maya belief that their ancestors were made from corn.

I participated in the performances Yarany known as "colonial Yukatatena dance", which is usually held on Monday night between 9 PM to 10 lm Meryda surrounded by many historic palaces, and on Sunday, which is a & # 39 is the busiest time of the week, I was treated to a folklore show in the open air near the front in the Zocalo Palatsyo.

Casa de Monteho: This structure shows the portico of the 16th century, which was built in 1549. This former residence of the founder of the town of Francisco de Monteho. Carved facade, the tradition Tolteka shows soldiers standing on the heads of their conquests.

There are a variety of inexpensive hotels where you can stay:

Hotel Trinidad Galeria (I stayed in this) – a colonial mansion, filled with works of art, some very questionable, but still interesting. The cost of stay was about $ 20 per night. Other hotels that seem to have lived: Casa Bowen, Hotel Montejo and the Hotel las Monjas. In order to be able to enjoy all of these cities of the Yucatan Peninsula, you need a lot of time. This situation can be easily overcome by investing in the owner of an apartment building, so you have an anchor in one part of the peninsula, and wandered in other areas, for example, Meryda. One possible solution to this dilemma – the possession of the apartment in the hotel's "Mexico", it is a good investment that practically pays for itself. You can rent a condo for a profit, as long as you are not in, and live in it yourself, studying the different parts of the Yucatan Peninsula, including Merydu.

Next week I'll look into your trip to Chichen Itza, one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

7 good reasons why you should travel far and wide

Pick world atlas or simply check it online. Refer to the map of your state or province, and see how small your area compared to the entire staff. Now go to the map of your country, and if your area has to disappear, your "big" state or province will be a small part of the country. Keep your map of the continent. At this time you will not find your state or province, and your "big" country will become a small part of your continent. To finish, please refer to the map of the world and that you have noticed? Your country may not disappear, but your "big" continent becomes a "share" of the world.

This exercise demonstrates that you are expanding their worldview, as well as when you are traveling far and wide.

Capital events of the past century, and especially the explosion of the Internet in the past decade, let you know about the diversity of the world. However, no matter how you were aware of the world from their couches and chairs, nothing b & # 39; e to walk to those places for first impressions.

Thus, in the next section we will look at some reasons why you need to travel a lot.

1. You will not only know, but also to feel beautiful places

The media (newspapers, radio, television, Internet), people and books show and tell about the wonderful places. But traveling, you can really feel these wonderful places of the world, as the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India; Venice (Italy) to the gondola and its crafts for numerous waterways; Pyramid of the Sun San Juan Teotsiuakan, near Mexico City (Mexico); In the city center of Casablanca (Morocco), the main port in the foreground – the area Lyatey; Mt. Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand and the Southern Alps, seen across the lake Matesan, on the South Island; American Falls in Niagara Falls, New York; and a typical mosque in Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago).

2. You get to know different people and the way they really are

Travel – a great way to expand the circle of friends and increase the understanding of others.

Has numerous trips allowed me to have a lot of intimate friends in many countries around the world. we have a close relationship would not otherwise be.

While living in Africa, I was hardly in contact with white people (and not even think about it), because we lived in different communities, inherited from colonialism. But when I went, for example, in Germany, I became friends with many, with whom I shared many favorite moments. It made my perception of the white people in the party or not at all racist.

Some time ago I saw a television documentary of the French television team who rode in Mali (Africa) to remove an illiterate mechanic, completely disassembling the engine of an old car, repairing it and collecting again. As the roaring car disappeared in the distance, they came to the conclusion that an African is also capable of technical and technological advances.

Many of these cases exists to destroy the bar & # 39; EASURES built with a false perception, and to get people to appreciate each other.

3. You can experience more cultures and customs, and be better able to relate to different people

One day, I visited a friend in a rural area in the north of Ghana, the neighboring country. As usual demands, he had to take me to all members of his large family & # 39; u. I was surprised by the fact that we have served in the first place. But my greatest surprise was equally well be found in the other two places. We went back to my friend's house, and he was disappointed with me, and I was too full and angry at him, not even giving me a hint of what to expect.

In fact, my friend zone is the responsibility of visitors to submit food and pride when a visitor eats well. So what I did after the first house and the second less. However, my inability to eat on the third was considered as my not appreciating their food, and my decision to cut the visits short shame my friend with his family & # 39; and.

This custom exists in my region to a certain extent. Dear visitor should be offered a drink of water before you ask them the reason for the visit. But you do not have to drink some or all of the water, if you do not feel it. You just swallow or touch the container (cup, Calabi, etc.), and your behavior will not be treated as snobstva. But to say "no" is equivalent to "insult" the host.

4. You expand your horizon

One American came to visit me in him, and I took him to the Plateau Region de Plateau, the famous tourist center of my country. This is also Agriculture Zone Togo. We visited a farm where you can buy fruit, collected just before one.

"It's a real pineapple?" – I asked my friend, strange looking at the fruits that the farmer cut off from the plant and handed him.

"Why?" – I was surprised.

"He was not harvested from a large tree," – he said, hobbling.

I laughed out of my head.

"According to their size and weight, I thought that pineapples grow on trees," reddened, my friend explained.

Inquisitive farmer also laughed when I explained our conversation with him. He offered to show my friend the pineapple at different stages of development.

In the same way you love lamb, but I think you will appreciate it more if, for example, visiting shepherds region in Australia; the same goes for clothes made of cotton, when you visit the cotton farms of São Paulo in Brazil; coffee when you see how in Colombia coffee farmers dried under the tropical sun; chocolate when you see, as farmers nuts are removed from the pods (the first stage of chocolate processing) in cocoa plantations in Cote d & # 39; Yvoire (West Africa); canned pineapple, pineapple when you see on the way to a cannery in Puerto Rico, etc.

5. You experience a different environment

Germany was the first European country that I have visited. My burning desire was to see the snow in the winter, and especially the experience. One day in the dark winter night worried friend called to tell me that the snow was falling. I jumped out of bed, he rushed into the street and held out his hands, he tried to catch the flakes falling from the sky. Passers-German couple, walking their dogs, flashed me a funny smile.

While I hate "garmatana" dry hot wind that blows from the Sahara up to the coast of West Africa, bringing a lot of dust in the morning and the evening cold and the day burning, one-French emigre thought it exotic because of the fog he brings morning and evening shade.

6. Do you live the "big" world history

You can feel the excitement when he heard about (from a person or radio) or see (in a newspaper, television or the Internet), the pyramids of Egypt, the Indian Taj Mahal, historic buildings (castles, churches, the Castle) Europe, museums, West Africa locks (history slaveholders), America's plantation (history of the slave-owners), monasteries and sculptures of large trees of the American Indians, but a visit to the places of their residence with the & # 39 is a completely different experience.

7. You hospitable climate

Wealthy people in tropical climates often go abroad, when the hot climate becomes dark and no one knows that people with a temperate climate and in a hurry in a place where they can enjoy the sun and warm sea.

There are many other reasons why people have to travel far and wide. But I think that these 7 enough so that you can put your luggage, if you have never traveled on a journey, or quickly pick up your luggage, if you have been on it.

You do not have money to travel?

Maybe you are not working (you are a student or not working) or do not earn much, so can not travel. Do not worry. You can earn an easy work from home opportunities that you can do in your spare time. This includes data entry, conducting surveys, subscription partner enterprises, keeping the MLM, network marketing, freelance writing, call center agent, etc.

I wonder where to stay?

Accommodation is in all sizes and prices. Resources section below gives you a place where to go if looking for a place of residence that suits your circumstances and your budget. Present company has room for you in all areas of the world.

Life on board the sail – fun and frugal lifestyle in retirement

Accommodation on board a sailing boat – a great way to enjoy your retirement. This is not only a lot of fun, this is a very frugal lifestyle.

My wife and I retired in 1994, when I was 49. We lived on our boat for 8 years before swallowing the anchor in 2002. We bought our boat in May 1994 in the area Klizkaga lake south of X & # 39; Euston. I sailed on a boat in the British Virgin Islands 6 months after the purchase, and there he stayed for the next 8 years.

Therefore, it makes comments are aimed at people who want to go on living aboard a sailboat for the Caribbean. It was 8 years old fun in the sun, and it was confidently cheap, less than $ 1,000 per month.

Why so cheap? Good question. I think it's sailors in the group – this is the most economical (? Cheap) The people I met. Birds of feather?

Why is it so carefully? They would do anything to avoid returning to work. So they spend less. You also need less.

Clothing, for example, … getting up, I put on a pair of old ladies swimming, t-shirt … that's all. I had 2 collars, 1 or 2 pair of light long trousers (for the church), one pair of footwear …Teva sandals.

Wardrobe of his wife, the same swimsuit and cover for landfall. Several long cotton dresses and … you guessed it Teva sandals.

People who live on board the sailboat, is a small place, so you keep on board only what you use. Since you are using local transport, mini-buses, you do not shop … just food.

The only vendors you meet on the water – a lobster for sale or trade. Not much opportunity to hold fixed … By the way, free of charge. I especially liked when we anchored near the resort. Their guests were paying $ 500 a night, we paid zero, and we had a better view.

How much do you need to know about the sail … not so much, you do not move 98% of the time. Bad weather is not a problem, the sail between the islands was short. From VI to Trinidad longest run was 95 miles … BVI to St. Maarten. You waited until the sea is calm, a maximum of 4 to 6 feet. You take your time when you're a cruiser.

Think about what you can not retire because of the economy … think again. Live aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean – a fun and economical. Enjoy.

Miss Universe 1977 – Interesting Facts!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Latin America

Did you know – six of the twelve semi-finalists at the event were from Latin America – Trinidad and Tobago (Janelle Commissiong), Colombia (Aura Maria Mojica), Argentina (Maritza Jurado), Nicaragua (Beatriz Lacayo Obregon), Venezuela (Cristal Montañez) and the Dominican Republic (Blanca Aurora Sardiñas) – other six came from Europe (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, Spain) and North America (USA). Interestingly representative of Peru Isabel Frias Constipation won the title of Miss Beach Arytsy Latin America (Chile) in the mid-1970s. But despite all this, Miss Peru Universe 1977 completion year is not even passed to the semifinals in Santo Domingo. After over a year, she competed at the contest "Miss World" in 1977, which was one of 15 semifinalists.


Did you know – during the Miss Universe Dominican Republic 1977 accommodation Loew was the main headquarters and command center of the organization of "Miss Universe".

Joaquin Balaguer

Did you know – President Joaquin Balaguer became a key figure in the pursuit of the Dominican Republic for the Miss Universe 1977.

special awards

Did you know – Miss South Korea surprised the experts with a special award "Best National Costume". Adriana Maria Umpier Uruguay took second place in the best national costume. Throughout 1977, she also participated in the "Miss World".

Miss Universe 1977

Did you know – Zhenel Peni Commission of Trinidad and Tobago won the world title ahead of Austria Eva Maria Anderson, similar in appearance Lights Fokett and Sandra Bell from Scotland. Trinidad and Tobago has never been in the final. Judges and other special guests greeted the new MOU, including Joaquin Balaguer, head of the Dominican Republic. This victory gave the Caribbean its first Miss Universe. But TT was a double celebration: Miss Kamisg also received the title of Miss photogenic. Her colleagues find her friendly and welcoming. She has become an icon for the country. Miss Austrian Eva Maria Waner was one of three possible successor Rina Mesinger, MU 1976.

Pedro Morales Tronkaso

Did you know? Thanks to its contacts with the organization of "Miss Universe" and many delegates, Pedro Morales Troncoso, Minister of Tourism, was "the most eligible man in the Dominican Republic" in 1977. all the delegates.

host country

Did you know – English with & # 39; it is the official language of Miss Universe. This has some interesting stories. Inspired by the delegate-prymalnitsay Carmen Elena Figerua serving in two languages, in 23 th in the Ministry of Health of El Salvador in the mid-1970s, Island crowned English teacher like Miss Dominican Republic. As a result, Miss Dominican Republic, Blanca Aurora Sardinas, did not need an interpreter for your interview & # 39; nd with international judges, and made history when she became the first finalist in Miss Universe daminikanki. She was the only semifinalist of the Latin language, which is proficient in English. During the event, seven judges did not speak Spanish.

National theater

Did you know – National Theater – National Theater – is a platform of the 25th Miss Universe. It was attended by participants from 80 countries and dependent people. For the finale, many have purchased tickets for $ 100. During the event, attended by several special guests: Carlos R. Gojko Morales, vice president of the Dominican Republic; Alejandro Orfila, Secretary of the Organization of American States (UN); Mario Moreno "Kantynflas", artist; and Guillermo Rosell, Minister of Tourism of Mexico.

South Africa

Did you know that South Africa, which was considered the UN outlawed from 1960 1991 the year to send a representative in Santo Domingo.

Cuba Topes De Collantes

Top-de Kolantes (Collantes Highs), which occupies almost 80 square miles, with a & # 39 is a nature reserve in the Escambray mountain range in Cuba, 3 miles above the city of Trinidad. At nearly 2,600 feet above sea level, is the third highest peak in the range, with a peak of San Juan in 3740 feet and Potrerilo peak at 3054 feet above. Escambray mountain range extends to the three provinces; Villa Clara in the north, the east and Sienfuegos Santa Spiritus in the west. On the northern tip of the mountains are all kinds of plants and animals, and on the south expanse of living monuments of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Trinidad and the Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the sugar mills).

In 1954, the president of Cuba has built a large-scale sanatorium for tuberculosis patients in the area in which live kavavary. It is believed that the president's wife Marta became a victim of the disease, and while in a sanatorium in love with this place, persuading her husband to build her a house in the area. After the revolution, the hospital was used as a school, and then in the 70s was transformed into Kurhotel specializing in rehabilitation and special care. Scattered high seven-story hotel, you will find a huge collection of original Cuban art from more than 750 pieces of the most famous Cuban painters. In the 1980s, the city is the university town of Las Villa was built.

In the reserve there are many species of animals, including the national bird of Cuba Tocororo, the Cuban ivory woodpecker, Kartakuba and some lovely unique hummingbirds. By studying this amazing nature reserve, you will come across rivers, natural pools of crystal clear water, waterfalls, caves, and if you are lucky enough to take a cheap vacation in the period from June to September, you will see the slopes slopes, covered with the national flower of Cuba Marypasa (Lily Butterfly)). This tropical rainforest boasts over 40 local species of orchids, 100 species of ferns with some height over 20 feet, more than 40 kinds of coffee that grow in the shade of 130-foot tall pines, West Indian mahogany, eucalyptus, banana trees, wild plantain, ginger species, magnolia, jasmine and begonias.

In the reserve there are many trips, including;

Paseo Ecologico – Ecological walk a little more than half a mile that follows the path that connects the hotel Kurhotel "Los Helekas". Along the walk you will see flowers and fern maryposy under cover of pine and eucalyptus.

Parque La Represa – built around "the house of Martha" on the banks of the River Vega Grande, the park is home to many exotic species and the highest, the oldest redwood tree in Cuba.

Hacienda Codina – in behalf of many species of orchids, medicinal mud baths, medicinal and ornamental gardens and the Cave of the Altar, which has a secret passage, which ends up stunning views of the Trinidad and Ankang.

Parque Codina – ideal for camping and bird watching with lots of hiking trails to the caves and waterfalls with numerous viewpoints along the way.

Guanayara Park – a park with a & # 39 is home to the Cascade Falls El Rossi, cascades kanyaningav, camping, hiking trails and possibilities for swimming.

Vodaspad Kaburni – hike 2 miles, through coffee plantations where you will see traditional houses of farmers to Kaburni River, which provides over a stone wall at 203 feet into a series of pools.

La Batata – colorful walk, which ends in an underground river-cave system with natural ponds.

This is about as close to nature as you can get, so do not miss a visit to this amazing natural reserve, when a last-minute holiday in Cuba beautiful memories on top Kalantes de Cuba will live with you forever.