Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms:

Not only has Cryptocurrency given you the fastest way to transfer money, it is also a new entity to trade and make money besides stocks and other commodities. Although you can directly sell and buy Bitcoin, you can also use Bitcoin trading exchanges to continue your transactions in cryptocurrency. There are many exchanges where Bitcoin […]

Using Forex Trading Graphs:

Forex charts are one of the most popular trading tools. Average traders argue that the information in these charts helps to predict price movements. It is true. Graphs have several advantages for a person who does not have time to study or study the currency market as they buy and sell positions. However, if the […]

Gann Price & Time is a unique profit tool for sellers

Gunn was a technical vendor who introduced several unique methods that are still used by traders. Perhaps one of the most interesting concessions is Ghani's view of the relationship between price and time. Gunn collected $ 50 million in commercial wealth through his methods and used savings traders around the world seeking greater commercial profits. […]

How to Use Forex Gap Trading Strategies?

Many people believe that Forex gap trading strategies are difficult to use. In fact, there are many of these strategies that can be quickly learned and applied immediately. The results are the same as the methods one will learn over time. It will still bring you a lot of money. Forex Gap trading strategies are […]

Learn more about Forex Renko Charts trading.

So you want to know more about renko charts. I can teach you what I know about these relatively new Forex charts. Are you ready? A few years ago I wanted to know more about Renco's charts. I spent countless hours deleting the internet and various Forex trading sites to search for reliable information that […]