Ocean City, Maryland – Fun All Year Round

Ocean City, Maryland is an excellent East Coast beach – ten miles of clean, white sand set on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sinepuxent Bay. Summer water temperatures rise to a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer, thanks to the Gulf Stream Current which runs north, just off-shore. Waves break between three to six feet high; perfect for body surfing, bogey boarding, or just having a great time.

Ocean City has been a prime tourist destination ever since the Atlantic Hotel first opened its doors on July 4, 1875. The two and a half mile boardwalk offers amusement parks, shops, and typical boardwalk fare at the south end. The north end provides a lovely place to stroll past hotels and motels as you listen to the sound of the surf.

Ocean City has come a long way since the Atlantic Hotel opened. Now, folks visit all year around. The weather and water make for great beach days up into October, minus the summer crowds. And weekends are filled with special events and festivals. Winter offers brisk, refreshing salt air and is a great time for birdwatching. And in Spring, you can welcome the return of great weather while enjoying an upsurge in more festivals and events.

One of my favorite places for fun in Ocean City is Trimper’s Rides whose indoor vintage amusement part has provided fun for the whole family for 100 years. The capstone of Trimper’s is the1902 Hershell-Spellman Carousel with its beautifully restored, hand-painted menagerie. You can ride on a goat, giraffe, lion, rooster, horses or one of the artistically decorated chariots. The miniature Ferris Wheel and kiddie carousel date from the 1920’s.

Marty’s Playland is another place to visit. Play vintage ski-ball or drop a dime into one of the one hundred year old claw machines at Diggerville. Marty’s also includes contemporary arcade games.

The fishing is great in Ocean City, both onshore and offshore.

There are lots of cool things to do in Ocean City. Fly a kite, play miniature golf, build a sand castle, rent a kayak, or visit nearby Assateague National Seashore.

On Independence Day, Ocean City features two fabulous fireworks displays – one at the south end of the boardwalk, and the other at Northside Park on 127th Street.

Food venues run from funky outdoor picnic tables to fine dining; popular bars with live music, and several restaurants with bay views, where you can watch the sunset while you enjoy Maryland’s famous seafood.

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law, also known as "tort law," includes physical and emotional injuries caused by various reasons such as slips and falls, road accidents, use of defective products, defamation, medical malpractice and animal bites.

Sometimes the injuries can be minor or can be healed with time. Such victims do not have to go to court to receive compensation, and the party that caused the injuries offers compensation. However, some personal injuries may have grave consequences and affect a victim forever. If a personal injury has occurred in Maryland, it is advisable for the victim to hire a reputed lawyer. It is important to know the statute of limitations in Maryland to know the permitted time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Good personal injury lawyers can offer guidance to victims to decide the course of action. They protect the rights of their clients, and ensure that they receive the maximum compensation from the defenders and the insurance companies. Experienced personal injury lawyers have adequate expertise in dealing with insurance companies.

The procedure of personal injury lawsuits may vary according to the type of personal injury. Medical malpractice lawyers have a good understanding of medical terminology. They often consult medical experts to determine if the victims have valid grounds for filing a claim. According to personal injury law, individuals who are substantially exposed to hazardous waste can also file for compensation if they suffer from some sort of disorder or illness resulting from it.

As the personal injury lawssuits vary importantly, it is recommended to hire a lawyer who has represented similar types of personal injury cases. There are lawyers who are specialized in specific areas of personal injury law.

Lawyers and reputed law firms usually offer free preliminary consultation. They assess the cases of victims and advise them accordingly. All personal injury lawyers usually charge on a contingency fee basis.

Responding to Foreclosure – Maryland Offers Homeowners Legal Defenses to Delay Or Stop Foreclosure

With the rising tide of mortgage foreclosure actions, Maryland has implemented new legal protections for homeowners. The laws are intended to: (a) protect homeowners who have been fraudulently induced to enter into high-interest loans; and (b) provide homeowners with information about alternatives to foreclosure and the importance of filing an answer if they are served with a foreclosure complaint.

The most recent legal protections went into effect in April, 2008. Among other protections, the new laws: (a) mandate that lenders provide the homeowner with a written notice of intent to foreclose at least 45 days prior to filing a foreclosure action in court; (b) require that lenders wait until 90 days after a default in payment before commencing a foreclosure case; (c) require that the foreclosure court papers be personally served upon the borrower; (d) require lenders to publish a notice of sale in a newspaper at least three times before the foreclosure sale can take place; and (e) give homeowners the opportunity to pay overdue payments up until one day prior to the scheduled auction.

The goal is to ensure that homeowners are given increased time to explore alternatives to foreclosure. In responding to foreclosure complaints, homeowners should ascertain whether their lender complied with the new procedural requirements. Where the required notices were not properly served, a homeowner should specifically raise the lender’s noncompliance with the law as an affirmative defense in their answer to the foreclosure complaint. By asserting the newly available affirmative defenses, homeowners may be able to delay foreclosure and motivate lenders to provide non-foreclosure options, such as short sales and loan modification.

Previously, in 2005, the Maryland legislature passed legislation requiring lenders to provide specific notice to homeowners regarding their rights in foreclosure actions. This law took effect on May 26, 2005 and, among other things, requires that foreclosure notices contain specific warnings and information.

Like other states, Maryland experienced record numbers of foreclosures in 2009. Prince George’s County and Baltimore County have experienced the highest number of foreclosures overall. However, the increase in foreclosure rates has affected every part of the state. Statewide, foreclosure filings in August, 2009 were up by more than 70% as compared to August, 2008. These grim statistics reflect the increase in unemployment, large number of high-interest mortgages, and crumbling property values. Even the most desperate homeowners should file answers when served with foreclosure complaints. Homeowners who answer foreclosure complaints are generally able to slow the foreclosure process. In many instances, homeowners who have filed answers to foreclosure complaints have found that their lenders are more willing to consider various options, including loan modifications and short sales, that were not made available previously.

Foreclosure answer forms are available for download, and are relatively easy to complete and file with the court. A foreclosure answer need not be lengthy or complex. The principal purpose is to concisely deny those allegations in the complaint that are false, and to set forth any affirmative defenses which may be applicable. In foreclosure cases, answers often contain the following affirmative defenses: (a) the mortgage was entered into fraudulently or in violation of the Truth in Lending Act; (b) the lender failed to comply with applicable notice periods; and (c) the lender failed to personally serve the foreclosure summons and complaint. These are just some of the affirmative defenses to foreclosure that a homeowner should consider asserting in their answer form.

Maryland Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines Of Credit (HELOCs)

Homeowners in Maryland have experienced astronomical appreciations in their home values ​​in the past 10 years. Some homes have traditionally doubled their values, giving homeowners substantial equity in their homes.

Homeowners are taking advantage of the equity in their homes to start home improvement projects / repairs, consolidate various debts to pay off credit card bills, student loans, medical bills, auto loans, etc.

If you live in Maryland and need a refinance loan, the key to finding the best loan product is to shop around for the lowest interest rates, available on the market. In addition, ensure that you have a basic understanding of the type of loan that you want and also have enough knowledget to understand the terms of your loan.

What Type of Loan Do You Want?

Do you want an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) or a fixed rate mortgage (15 year, 20 year or 30 year)? Which option makes sense for your situation?

Popular to contradict belief, no one choice is better than the other – it all depends on your situation. If you plan to stay in your home for only two or three years, and want to have the lowest possible mortgage rate, an adjustable mortgage loan, may be right for you. On the other hand, if you plan to stay in your home for a long time, a fixed rate mortgage will be your best bet.

Shopping Around For A Mortgage Loan

This kind of shopping does not require you to spend any money. A reputable loan service, can offer loan quotes at no charge. This allows you to compare interest rates offered by various lenders and banks. You may be surprised at the variations in loan quotes. Take advantage of this service.

Once you get your loan quotes, ensure that you understand all facets of the loan, including any prepayment penalties, any adjustment of the loan term, points, etc.

How to Find Cheap Maryland Auto Insurance Rates

Maryland requires more auto insurance than many other states and is in the top ten for cost of promotions. This combination makes finding low cost Maryland auto insurance options even more important and this guide is here to help.

The following list of 3 points is designed to educate and inform you. As you read these ideas, hopefully you will find some ideas to help you reduce your auto insurance premiums. Read on to find some quick and easy ways to find cheap Maryland auto insurance rates.

1. Think About Yourself

Is it possible for you to participate in a car pool? Insurance companies may offer discounts to customers who are carpooling. You would be using your vehicle less often thus reducing your risk for accidents.

Is it possible for you to use public transportation to get to work? If you can use public transportation, you would be able to change your driving purpose from "business" to "pleasure" and reduce your average yearly mileage. Both of these will save you on your promotions.

Are you a careful driver? Most major insurance companies offer discounts to drivers with a safe driving record. It is well worth your efforts to slow down and drive carefully.

2. Think About Your Car

What kind of car do you drive? Driving an older, less desirable car can reduce your risk of theft as well as lower the need for collision insurance. If you are considering purchasing a new car, researching before you buy can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your promotions. Flashy cars have a higher theft risk and then pay higher insurance premiums.

What safety features does your car have? Safety features that reduce the risk of theft such as car alarms and automatic locks may lower your insurance costs. Safety features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags that are designed to protect the driver and passengers will also help reduce costs. You can even receive discounts for safety features such as daytime running lights that reduce the chance of being in a collision.

3. Think About Your Insurance

Who insures your car? If you have more than one vehicle, you will want to consider having them insured together under the same policy. This will allow you to take advantage of multi-vehicle discounts. If you can consolidate your homeowners or renters insurance with the same company as your auto insurance, you will be eligible for even more discounts.

Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online

One way to save yourself some time (and money) shopping for MD car insurance rates is to search online and compare quotes. Be sure that whatever you do compare quotes from at least 5 different companies.

University of Maryland Terrapins Mascot Explained

The Maryland Terrapins is the common name associated with the University of Maryland campus located in College Park, Maryland. While many similar collegiate programs have mascots and nicknames that reference fast and strong creatures like bears and tigers the University of Maryland has college sports fans scratching their heads as a to why a big time college athletic program would liken their squads to the qualities of turtles.

The specific turtle that the University of Maryland boasts as its proud mascot is known as the diamondback terrapin. While this particular species occupations the many swamps along coastal Massachusetts down through Florida they are especially plentiful in the Maryland area. So abundant is this particular turtle in Maryland that back in the 1700s slaves living in the area are on record as having revolted in part due to the mundane nature of their meals which consistently were made up of the prolific turtle on a daily basis. Interestingly, Maryland turtle soup would eventually grow to be known as a delicacy in upscale restaurants in places like New York City – a strange turn of events for a food once sadly thought to be barely usable slaves.

The year was 1932 when the Terrapin became the official mascot at the University of Maryland, College Park. The mascot before the Terrapin was something called "The Old Liners." Eventual University of Maryland President Curley Byrd proposed the idea of ​​the diamondback terrapin as the school's new mascot while serving as the Vice President of the university. After successfully coaching the University of Maryland varsity football team to a winning record over twenty three seasons as their head coach Mr. Byrd became the school's president in July of 1835 – three years after recommending the nickname change that remains in place to this day.

The diamondback terrapins have an unquestionably unique relationship with human beings. In addition to strangely being recognized by the state of Maryland as legally being the official state reptile the turtles have even disrupted aviation, an equally surprising circumstance. As recently as July, 2009 in a post Sully Sullenberger (Sully famously landed a plane stricken by geese in the Hudson river) world flights at New York City airport JFK were delayed for over an hour when close to eighty diamondback terrapins swamped the runway in what was believed to be an egg laying excursion by the female turtles on the runway.

At first glance most casual fans find the ending mascot that former University of Maryland President and head football coach Curley Bird selected to be a bit odd to say the least. When interested individuals dig deeper into the Maryland culture and uniqueness of the diamondback terrapin most people agree that the students and faculty at the University of Maryland have good reason to frequently shout their rallying cry, "fear the turtle."

How To Buy MAIF Insurance in Maryland

In most states, drivers operating motor vehicles are required by law to have proof of standard vehicle liability coverage before they are legally allowed to drive. Private insurance companies, however, are not required by the same token to grant coverage to all individuals. Where then, do drivers who have records too damaged for any insurance company to grant coverage turn?

Most states handle this problem by randomly assigning uninsurable motorists to an insurance carrier in their particular state. Individuals who have been randomly assigned must pay much higher rates than a regular driver would pay. This also puts the insurers in the position of being required to protect drivers who they originally denied coverage for. In Maryland though, those drivers deemed "at-risk" can turn to the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund.

Created in 1972, MAIF is a state operated insurance pool limited to Maryland residents who have been denied coverage by at least two private insurers or who have had their current policy annulled. MAIF policy holders who remain accident-free for three consecutive years are required to withdraw from the program and automatically become ineligible for its benefits without the policyholder is again denied coverage from at least two private insurance carriers. In this situation, policyholders are allowed to reapply for MAIF coverage.

A significant difference in MAIF and other insurance policies is that MAIF can not be sold on an installment plan. MAIF policyholders must either pay in full upfront or utilize a third-party policy premium finance company. Over 1,500 private insurance agents are authorized to sell MAIF policies, making it available available to all residents of Maryland. As long as they meet the straightforward qualifications, an individual's place of residence should not keep them from obtaining coverage.

MAIF, depending on its rate structure for revenue, is a self-sufficient entity. It offers many different levels of liability (the amount of damage covered for in case of an accident). In Maryland, the minimum level of liability coverage is "30/60/15". This translates to $ 30,000 covering bodily injury per person, $ 60,000 covering bodily injury in total, and $ 15,000 covering total property damage. This is the cheapest option under the MAIF umbrella, but individuals can pay higher premiums to have higher coverage (up to "100/300/100").

The Uninsured Division, a separate program managed by MAIF, was created by statute to pay claims to Maryland residents injured in a car accident who have no other source of recovery or collectible insurance. This program protects those who do not own a vehicle that could provide them with coverage or live with a relative that might have a policy that could provide them with coverage. This coverage is only applicable in instances where both the vehicle they were riding in and the vehicle that caused the accident did not have some type of insurance. Also, in order to be a valid claim, the driver must be "negligent-free" meaning they did not contribute to the damages in any way.

For the best rates on MAIF and all other insurance needs (Life, Auto, Home and Business), individuals should contact Kushner Insurance Group at (866)421-9544 or visit their website http://kushnerinsurancegroup.com/index.php to request a free, online quote.

Catfishing Areas in Maryland

Maryland has a beautiful bay that encourages and inspires a lot of anglers in this state. The Department of Natural Resources instructed that you are required to observe all other fishing laws and regulations. A free MD/PRFC angler registration is also required for anglers fishing without a license in designated license free fishing areas; you may register online too.

Below is the list of fishing areas in Maryland. Here you can find the best destinations for your tackling trips and fishing adventures.

Anne Arundel

– Annapolis–Maryland Route 450 old bridge at the Severn River.

Baltimore County

– Cox’s Point on Back River and Deep Creek. Directions: Eastern Blvd. (Rt. 150) to Riverside Drive south.

Baltimore City

– Canton Recreational Pier at Boston Street

– Hull Street Recreational Pier – Directions: Key Highway to Hull Street north.

– Middle Branch Park from fishing pier south of the Hanover–Pottee Street Bridges, to Hanover Street Bridge over Middle Branch. Directions: Route 2 to Middle Branch Park

Caroline County

– Denton–Pier associated with G. Daniel Crouse Memorial Park on the east side of Choptank River north of Maryland Route 404 Bridge.

Cecil County

– Charlestown–Town-owned stone wharf on the Northeast River near the corner of Conestoga and Water Streets and the historic site of Charlestown Wharf.

– North East–North East Community Park at mouth of North East Creek.

Charles County

– Friendship Landing–County-owned pier and property adjacent to the pier off Friendship Landing Road southeast of Ironsides Riverside Road (Rt. 425) on Nanjemoy Creek.

Dorchester County

– Cambridge–Long Wharf from south end of city-owned bulkhead associated with the Municipal Yacht Basin within Cambridge Creek to the end of east breakwater at mouth of the Municipal Yacht Basin.

Harford County

– Havre de Grace–Tydings Memorial Park within designated area, and pier at the end of Congress Street.

Kent County

– Chestertown–Maryland Route 213 Bridge over Chester River.

– Worton–Bridge No. K-004 over Still Pond Creek on Still Pond Creek Road near Chestertown.

Somerset County

– Princess Anne – The Manokin River Park along approximately 350 feet of the south bank of the Manokin River west of the bridge at Somerset Avenue and the west side of that bridge.

Wicomico County

– Sharptown–Pier and town dock off Ferry Street on the Nanticoke River.

– Salisbury–Designated city-owned bulkhead on the Wicomico River between Mill Street and Division Street.

– Tyaskin Park–County-owned park on Wetipquin Creek west of Rt. 349 at Tyaskin.

Worcester County

– Pocomoke City–County-owned dock at Cedar Hall Landing near western terminus of Route 371 on Pocomoke River.

– Pocomoke City–City docks from Laurel Street boat ramp to U.S. Route 13 overpass and Winter Quarter dock on Pocomoke River.

– Snow Hill–County Bridge on Porter’s Crossing Road west of U.S. Route 113 and east of Route 354 and Pocomoke River.

– Snow Hill-All city-owned riverfront property which includes Byrd Park, Sturgis Park, and city bulkheading adjacent to the municipal parking lot near the Route 12 Bridge over the Pocomoke River.

Before Choosing From Maryland Wedding Reception Locations

After the wedding ceremony, the next thing that you will prepare for is the wedding reception. If you have chosen Maryland wedding reception locations, you can be sure that the moment will be remembered warmheartedly for a long time. This is why planning is important. Otherwise, you will find yourself howling over an unprepared piece of meat. The Maryland wedding reception locations are available in different sizes and shapes; they can range from simple to extravagant. Depending on your budget you can have the best reception ever. It does not mean that you have to spend like a rock star. Actually, you can expend money and save some more by simply researching.

You can choose from diamond, gold and basic levels for the reception location. With the diamond level, you have to be prepared to pay for the fees but rest assured that your wedding will be celebrity-like. Among these sites are the Putting on the Ritz, Annapolis Marriott Waterfront and the Historic Kent Manor Inn.

If you want it a little bit splurge yet a little bit affordable, gold level is right for you. These include the Chase Court, Ceresville Mansion, Oliver’s Carriage House and the Confetti’s Event Center. You will surely have a blast in these locations and you can also save a little. Meanwhile, in the basic level, you will save a handful but expect that some of the services are average. Nevertheless, you can still find some that are outstanding in service and facilities like the Rosewood Manor, Parkville Gardens and the Glen Echo Park Partnership.

In choosing the Maryland wedding reception locations, you should always bear in mind that size matters here. Make sure that you have checked the number of the guests so that you can determine whether your wedding is intimate with 25 people or less, small with 75 below, medium with 150 people and large with over 150 participants.

Another thing that you have to consider is the style of your wedding. It can be traditional, fanciful, exotic, casual and modern. The last thing that you have to think about is your budget. Now that you have determined the size and the style of the wedding, you should set the budget. Avoid going to Maryland wedding reception locations that you cannot afford since this will only waste your money and your time. Settle for something that is just within your reach so that you can have the wedding that you have dreamed of.

Learn How to Stop Foreclosure in Maryland by Understanding the Process

The best way to learn how to stop foreclosure in Maryland is simply to understand the process involved, and all of the latest laws, regulations and guidelines. Once you’re fully informed, you’ll be better able to protect yourself, you’ll know what steps to take and how to get started should you be in need of assistance.

Ultimately, hiring Maryland bankruptcy lawyers will enable you to protect yourself, your rights and your home as completely as possible. But you can use this guide to learn more about how stop foreclosure in Maryland, and arm yourself with the vital information you need to stay a step ahead.

The foreclosure process in Maryland was updated and became law in April 2008. Information about the regulations can be found online at the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, and the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulations.

The new legal process sets up time frames and schedules which enable you to take action to protect yourself, avoid scams, receive assistance from foreclosure lawyers in Maryland, and more. For example, before filing a foreclosure action in court, lenders must send you a notice of their intent to foreclose at least 45 days in advance. In addition, that foreclosure action cannot be filed before a total of 90 days have passed since you defaulted on your loan.

You also have to be personally served with court papers, although if the lender is unsuccessful in doing so, they can post them to your property or send them through certified mail. After you have been served with court papers, another 45 days must pass before your home can be sold at auction, and a notice of sale must be published in a newspaper three times before the sale takes place.

Up until one business day before the auction takes place, you have the right to pay overdue payments and other fees, and stop the foreclosure in Maryland before it’s too late.

Of course, to avoid foreclosure, you can have a bankruptcy attorney in Maryland work for you, on your behalf. He or she will be able to determine if bankruptcy is a viable option for you, and which filings you’re eligible for. Ultimately, the correct legal maneuverings here can help you to save your home.

Foreclosure lawyers in Maryland will also enable you to proactively take a stand against those who may have committed fraud, which can be as simple or common as omitting important information during the mortgage process.

Hopefully you’ve been able to learn a little bit more about how to stop foreclosure in Maryland, how Maryland bankruptcy lawyers can help your cause, and what the entire process is like. It’s crucial that you know what to expect and what is legally allowed, so that you can protect yourself as completely as possible.