Understanding Differences Between Restraining Orders and Other Terminology

Before trying to learn how to obtain a restructuring order in Maryland, it's important to know all about the process involved, and what different terminology means. For example, did you know that Maryland does not even officially use the term "restraining order", although it is still commonly used in conversation?

You can not take action if you first do not understand what you need to do, what your choices are, and what it all means.

In addition, here you will learn more about Maryland state requirements for a restraining order, and some of the differences between different types of orders. Use this guide to learn everything you need to know to be prepared for action.

The first thing to know is that in Maryland, your two choices are actually a peace order, or a protective order. Maryland does not officially utilize the term restraining order, although that is a widely used piece of terminology. Peace orders are typically used for all personal relationships or circumstances beyond a domestic relationship, which is when protective orders are generally utilized.

There are also many types of acts which can be reported in your order, from causing seriously bodily harm, to committing a sexual offense, false imprisonment or stalking, malicious destruction of property, trespassing and more. One of the main requirements for a restraining order in Maryland is that the petition to obtain the peace or protective order must be filed within 30 days of the act which is being reported.

Once the petition has been filed, a temporary order may be granted. Within seven days, a final hearing will be held where both parties may be present before the final order is granted or denied. Protective orders may be issued for up to 1 year, while peace orders may be issued for up to six months. In either case, extensions of various lengths may be possible.

The order itself can accomplish several different things. It can force the respondent to stop threatening or committing abuse, to stay away from the petitioner's home or place of employment, or to eliminate all contact with the petitioner. In addition, other provisions are possible, such as awarding temporary use of a home, temporary custody of children and pets, temporary financial support, and even the surrender of all firearms owned by the respondent.

Another important thing to know is that you do not need to utilize an attorney in order to obtain a restructuring order in Maryland. However, many individuals find that this not only enhances the probability of a favorable exit, but also eliminates much of the stress involved with the process.

An official document is available from the Maryland Courts website to help individuals determine which type of order they need to file, what to expect and how to go about the process. It can be accessed by visiting www.Courts.State.MD.US , and visiting the FAQ section.

If you've made this far, then you should know much more about the requirements for a restructuring order in Maryland, the types of orders which are available, and the steps involved with how to obtain a restraining order as well. Remember, while we can use restraining orders as a synonym, the official terms to keep in mind for the state of Maryland are peace orders and protective orders.

Interesting Facts About Silver Spring

Situated just outside of Washington, D.C., Silver Spring, Maryland has been a residential destination for families living in the area for years. While D.C. is the go-to for monuments and museums, Silver Spring is quickly becoming one of the more desirable places to live outside the district.

So what is it that attracts so many people to Silver Spring? Here are just a few fun facts about the Montgomery County town.

Important Discoveries

Silver Spring is where one of the largest television and internet companies are headquartered. Discovery Communications is the world’s number one nonfiction media which includes channels like the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Investigation Discovery and Planet Green; channels everyone likes to flip to when relaxing in their condo or apartment. During the always popular Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, this multi-media company celebrates with a 466-foot shark named Chompie who sits atop corporate headquarters.

The Best in Film

Leaving your apartment or condo to see one of your favorite films takes on a whole new meaning when visiting the American Film Institute Silver Theatre and Cultural Center (AFI), located in Silver Spring. This historic landmark is dedicated to preserving the art of the moving image. Most of AFI’s programming concentrates on films that are typically not available anywhere else including independent features, foreign films, documentaries and classic cinema.

Best Cheap Eats in Maryland!

When Silver Spring residents are in the mood for a fantastic meal that won’t cost an entire paycheck, they look no further than Ray’s the Classics. Ray’s has quickly become a Washington, D.C. metro area staple due to the fact that Ray’s hand-selects only the finest natural, farm-raised, corn-fed beef available anywhere, at any price.

Take a Hike

One of Washington, DC’s hidden treasures is Great Falls. This national park is within driving distance from DC and can be entered from either Virginia or Maryland. Great Falls features over 800-miles of scenic views and spectacular waterfalls. The trails vary in difficulty. This is a great way to get out of the city and get some exercise. After a day out in nature, you will return to your home and be ready for a nap!

There is no limit to the numerous activities that the Washington, DC region has to offer. Whether you are meeting up with friends at a movie or grabbing drinks at a bar, Silver Spring is a destination you have to visit.

How to Locate a Loved One's Life Insurance Policy

Maryland, named for Queen Henrietta Maria and nicknamed the Old Line State, is a small but undeniably mighty part of the Union. Consider that Maryland is the ninth smallest state (by area), yet numbers nineteenth in terms of population, and has the distinction of being the wealthiest state in the country, with residents enjoying the highest median household income in the US Surrounded by so many neighbors and with so much in their homes to protect, purchasing insurance in Maryland should be a priority for responsible residents.

Thousand of professionals are open for business

Mostly most Maryland residents are heeding the call for coverage; the state boasts a thriving $ 27 billion insurance industry, and lists more than 47,000 professional insurance agents and more than 1,400 insurance companies serving policyholders in the state. No doubt the agents and insurers alike will have their hands full in dealing with claims resulting from Sandy, the super-storm that battered the Eastern seaboard recently. Hurricanes and tropical storms have historically presented danger to Maryland residents, swelling streams, rivers, bays, and tribulations to the point of flooding.

Since 1872, Maryland residents have had the Maryland Insurance Administration in their corner. The agency serves as a regulating body for the state's insurance industry, monitors the solvency of insurance companies, provides materials for consumers to learn about insurance, and investigates complaints filed by consumers. The Administration is responsible for settling approximately $ 17 million in life, health, property, and casualty-related disputes in 2009.

Also solidly in their clients' corner are professional insurance agents, who offer a wealth of insurance products and advice. Insurance agents (or producers, as they are known within the industry), help consumers understand the intricacies of insurance-life and health insurance, and / or property and casualty insurance – explaining features and benefits, comparing products from different insurance companies, and offering advice based on an analysis of the customer's particular needs. Independent agents offer insurance policies from a variety of companies, while so-called "captive" agents represent a single insurance company and offer only that company's insurance products for sale.

Turn to a professional agent for assessment and guidance

Of course, a professional insurance agent does much more than sell insurance policies. He or she is a vital resource for detailed information about coverage that is specific to the policyholder-information that may not be readily available on the Internet , if at all, and certainly not tailor to fit the specific risk and financial profile of the reader. An agent is there to answer complex questions about coverage details, provide contextual valuable risk management advice, and lead the way to a successful resolution if and when the time comes that a claim must be filed. A professional insurance agent is a trusted advisor, particularly in the aftermath of an extreme weather event-so one can be sure that insurance agents' phones will be ringing off the hook these days with calls from consumers concerned about insurance in Maryland .

All About Ocean City MD

Bring your family to Ocean City Md for a weekend, mini week or stay for a week or longer.


Ocean City Maryland is a favorite vacation seashore destination on the Mid-Atlantic Coast, USA. Ocean City Maryland offers quality family recreation for all. When in Ocean City, Maryland visit the historic building which houses Ocean City history and that of the U. Enjoy a wide variety of Ocean City, Maryland hotels, motels and condo rentals to fit any budget. Ocean City Maryland is a peninsula stretching some 9 miles in length and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Bays. It is within a few hours drive from New York, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD and Washington DC and its suburbs of Maryland and Virginia.


Ocean City Maryland Offers some 10 miles of clean sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, a boardwalk stretching some 20 blocks, quality hotels and motels, and vacation rental homes and condo’s, and is bordered on the West by the inland bays. Located directly on the beach, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, we offer you the ultimate in comfort and convenience. While the pristine sandy beaches of Ocean City MD are a major enjoyment for visitors, Ocean City also boasts one of the Atlantic Coasts most enjoyable boardwalks, numerous marinas, local professional golf courses, quality restaurants, family amusements, and fishing and boating. Over the last several decades, Ocean City, Maryland has grown from a small seaside fishing village to become one of the most popular beach vacation destinations in the United States.

What to Look For in a Locksmith

When looking for a locksmith in Columbia, Maryland, or anywhere, its important to keep some basic keys in mind. One needs to know what services are typically provided by a locksmith. Staying informed of who is reliable and trustworthy can save heartache, frustration, and more importantly, your valuables and safety. Distinguishing between good and phony locksmiths in Columbia, Maryland is essential, because not everyone who claims to be a locksmith is legitimate. Some are swindlers, cheats, and crooks. Finally, choosing a local, established locksmith is a wise choice.

What services are provided?
The services provided by a locksmith in Columbia, Maryland include both home and auto services. Auto services include making keys and opening locked cars. This includes getting authorization for and making keys with transponder chips.” Residential services include entry, re-keying, deadbolt and peep hole installation, safes, window locks, high-security and bump-proof locks, and door repairs, among other services. Standard locksmith services should have the effect of contributing to family safety and helping in time of emergency, such as lock out.

What are the characteristics of a reliable and trustworthy locksmith?
There are at least five characteristics that distinguish a reliable and trustworthy locksmith. First consideration should be years in business and company experience at providing the services. Next to it, know whether the technicians are qualified and trustworthy. Ask for identification when the technician arrives. A reputable business will offer free quotes and provide references. A trusted service should be able to provide same-day service and 24-hour emergency service without breaking the bank. Reliable locksmiths in Columbia, Maryland are licensed, bonded, and insured, and inquire by whom.

What distinguishes a good and a phony locksmith?
With these characteristics in mind, it is easier to determine who is legitimate or phony. This is vital because phony or crooked locksmiths may charge too much, have poor workmanship, or charge exorbitant fees, and they have the tools to rip off the customer with the trust placed in them. Consider that they have the keys to your home, safe, or car. With such high stakes, research companies beforehand, check their references, check reviews via Internet, and check with the Better Business Bureau. For example, even emergency lockout services should be no more than a couple hundred dollars. When a locksmith does not shoe the marks of reliability, keep searching.

Why should someone choose a local locksmith?
To further assist the search, the chosen locksmith in the Columbia, Maryland, area should be a local company. A local office with local people in the office increases the business’ accountability with the community. A local company should be able to provide references that can be contacted in the neighborhood, not simply in other cities or states.

Locksmith overview
Choosing a locksmith is a serious decision considering family safety and well-being. Choosing a trusted, experienced service with highly trained service people is vital. Choosing a local locksmith in Columbia, Maryland is a wise choice.

Educate Yourself on Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

If you haven’t tuned in to A&E’s TV show, Sell This House, you’re missing out. Helping naive home sellers showcase their homes for sale is the primary show concept, but the real thunder-stealer is the hidden-camera video shown to sellers that reveals what potential buyers are saying about the home for sale during walk-through’s. You’ll either need a box of tissue to dampen your tears or a tall drink of water after you laugh yourself silly. The point is that Maryland home sellers need to be aware of home seller pitfalls that can destroy the chance to make a great home sale with a home buyer.

Mistake number one, do not get emotionally involved in your home sale. This is probably one of the most difficult Maryland home seller mistakes to overcome. It’s necessary to remove yourself from the memories in the home your selling and begin to think and strategize like a business person. Remember how you felt when you purchased your home and know that Maryland buyers are in that same mindset now. With a little staging, remodeling and partnering with your Maryland real estate agent, you’ll sell your home in no time.

Next is mistake number two, selling your home in winter. Unless you have the option to sell in spring, summer or fall, avoid listing your Maryland home for sale during the frosty months. Most people in Maryland are preoccupied with the holidays, busy with social engagements and prefer to stay at home when the weather is chilly outside. On the other hand, with a lack of buyers comes a lack of competing homes and you may be able to secure a foothold in the marketplace for Maryland home sales.

This third mistake is aesthetic-based, being frugal with listing photos. The Internet is what it is – the World Wide Web. And just like it’s name implies, people are using it to access information and images online. Your photos should be clear, crisp and accentuate the positive aspects of your Maryland home for sale. Don’t be stingy with your photography. Include as many options and angles as possible so that buyers have a good sense of the house you’re selling.

Mistake number four sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Do not try to hide problems. If there’s something amiss or askew in your Maryland home for sale, you should fix it, adjust your listing price to account for the problem or acknowledge the problem to the buyer and offer a credit to repair it. Remember, during a Maryland home for sale inspection, problems will be revealed. Be upfront and get them corrected beforehand.

A final mistake to refrain from is not carrying proper insurance. As a Maryland home seller, you’ll have quite a few people passing on and through your property. This has the potential to become a nightmare situation if someone becomes injured and decides to sue you. Take precautions during showings and put the dogs away, keep children away from the pool and forewarn buyers about any obstacles that could be hazardous.

Avoiding the above mistakes as a Maryland home seller will assist you in making the home sale a smooth and efficient process.

Charter Away to the Preakness

The Kentucky Derby is in the books. A horse won and now he or she is the favorite (usually) in the second race of the Triple Crown derby: The Preakness. It is a flat horse race run by three year old thoroughbreds and it happens each year two weeks after the Kentucky Derby and three weeks before the last jewel in the crown, the Belmont Stakes.

This race is run at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore Maryland and it spans 9.5 furlongs. It was first contested back in 1873 and traditionally it is second in attendance only to the granddaddy of all races, the Kentucky Derby.

If you live near Maryland it's a relative breeze to see the fastest three year olds in action but if you have to fly there's always the production of flying commercial to deal with – Without a course you choose to charter a jet to get you and your party there on time and in style.

Chartering a jet is cheaper than you may think and best of all you can choose your own schedule. Forget about long lines trying to clear security, and being squished in your seat for hours at a time. Not when you charter. Chartered jets give you ample leg, shoulder, elbow and head room and you can usually configure the seats any way you'd like. There is entertainment at the tips of your fingers, a galley for snacks or meals on the way and the security of knowing your bags are with you at all times. No baggage carousel for you!

You will arrive refreshed and happy and in time for the singing of Maryland, My Maryland and the infield party that is always a great time. After the race you can watch the painter climb to the weather vane to paint the winning colors on the horse and jockey that adorn it. Heck, you will even be there to see the winning horse get his blanket of Black Eyed Susan's, the state flower of Maryland though they can not use real ones since they do not bloom until July. That can remain our little secret …

Not surprisingly, the mega star of the horse racing world, Secretariat still holds the speed record for the Preakness Stakes. He won in 1:53 back in 1973 which was the middle race of his Triple Crown. Now you too can be a star … when you choose to charter.

Reasons to Hire a Family Attorney

There are many family issues that arise where the assistance of a family attorney must be bought. This is why it is wise for those having a case handled through the Maryland court system to hire a local Maryland family attorney. There are many attorneys that have plenty of in-depth knowledge and experience to help settle issues such as divorce or child support, but hiring a local attorney has its own advantages. An effective Maryland family attorney licensed by the State Bar can handle their case in an efficient manner. Below are several reasons to hire a Maryland family attorney.

State Law
When hiring a Maryland family lawyer, a client can rest assured their attorney will have an extensive knowledge of any state and local laws that apply to the case being handled. All states across the entire nation have different laws. Many of the laws are similar, but they do have differences that should always be noticed when taken into a courtroom.

Any attorney who does not regularly practice law within Maryland, especially in the exclusively busy jurisdictions of Montgomery and Prince George's counties, will not have the knowledge needed to effectively handle a domestic court case; however, a local specialist will have the experience needed to prove he can be of the utmost value when handling a case involving dispute, custody, visitation, adoption and similar issues in the State of Maryland.

Maryland family attorneys can also prove valuable when they are familiar with local judges, other lawyers and courthouse personnel. This often makes it easier for them to handle negotiations with familiar faces and focus on aspects that certain judges deem more important than others. All local processes differ throughout the country, but a professional professional increments the chance of a client winning a case because of their comfortableness within local courtrooms and familiarity with the nuances of filing procedures and guidelines.

Local Juries
When there are jurives involved within a court case, it is essential to hire a professional that frequently encounters local residents, because they can help decipher the attributions of local jurors. Understanding the local sentiment of a jury can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a case. A local attorney uses their understanding of current events, local attitudes and biases to their advantage when moving a case in the right direction.

Hiring an area attorney also makes it easy for a client to stay in contact with their family lawyer. This adds extra peace of mind when involved within a sensitive and personal court case. When meeting in person, it is less time consuming and more convenient, saving the client money and time as well.

Selecting A Custom Home Builder

Finding a Maryland Custom Home Builder can be very exciting, very rewarding and VERY nerve racking if the proper “Due Diligence” is not exercised.

Beware of the BAITERS!

What is a BAITERS?

A “Baiter” is a Builder that will quote a ridiculously low price per square foot dollar amount. The low price per square foot grabs your attention. The tactic / ploy then entices you to contact the Custom Builder. It is when you start “peeling back the onion” that you start to realize that the ridiculously low price per square foot number didn’t include everything (site work, all permits, etc…) and is being quoted with low grade / sub standard materials.

What are the “Make Sure” things to do when selecting a Maryland Custom Home Builder?

1) Make Sure that the price quoted by ANY Maryland Custom Home Builder is ALL inclusive. This includes, but is not limited to, ALL of the permits, ALL of the necessary site work (driveway, excavations, septic, etc…) and ALL of the necessary hookups (water & sewer, well & septic, gas & electric). NO surprises later, when it’s too late. If you are not a handyman you will want the Custom Home Building process to be completely “Turn-Key”.

2) Make Sure that you compare “Apples to Apples” when comparing materials used by any Maryland New Home Builder. The use of 2×4 construction versus 2×6 construction, Formica Countertops versus Granite Counter tops, Single Hung windows versus Double Hung Windows, Brick versus Vinyl Siding, Grades of Cabinets, Grades of Carpet, Grades of Appliances, the list can go on and on… The best thing to do is run a computer spreadsheet comparing the included specifications of one perspective Custom Home Builder to another Custom Home Builder.

3) Make Sure that you visit a couple of Custom Homes that are under construction to check out “Build Quality” and actual materials used. If you see a subcontractor / vendor onsite, don’t take up an inordinate amount of time (they are working) but ask them, “Do you like working for this particular Custom Builder?” If there are any payment problems or if it is a poorly run jobsite you maybe surprised at the candid answers you will receive. Notice the condition of the job site. Is it sloppy or messy? This may be an indication of a “I don’t care” attitude.

4) Make Sure there is a communication process in place during construction. EVERY week you should be informed of what events are scheduled on your home for that particular week. Pictures, emails, phone calls, etc… are all excellent tools for a Maryland Custom Home Builder to stay in touch with their client.

5) Make Sure that ANY builder you are considering has EXCELLENT customer references. Contact several references and ask them about their overall experience with the Custom Builder. If people weren’t happy with their experience – they will tell you.

6) Make Sure you check for any lien or judgment history against the Maryland Custom Builder you are considering. In Maryland, for example, there is the Maryland Judiciary Site http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/inquiry/inquiry-index.jsp. Here you can check for outstanding liens, judgments, lawsuits, etc… against all builders you are considering. Keep in mind, legitimate disputes happen in business. What you want to look for is a pattern. It could very well give good insight on the health of the company. Check with local licensing requirements for a Home Builder. Custom Home Builders In Maryland have to be registered with the state of Maryland’s Home Builder Registration Unit. (1-877-259-4525 http://www.oag.state.md.us/homebuilder )

A Custom Home can be the largest financial decision in your life.

If the proper “Due Diligence” is performed upfront, it can also be one of the most rewarding decisions in your life!

The Eastern Shore of Maryland – Small Water Oriented Towns Steeped in Chesapeake Bay History

The state of Maryland is divided in half by the Chesapeake Bay. Before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was built in 1952, the Eastern shore was physically and socially removed from the Western Shore. While the state capital, Annapolis, and Baltimore, a shipping and industrial town are located on the Western Shore, the Eastern Shore was compromised of small towns, farms, and water oriented communities. In the late 1800's steam boats brought some tourists to the Eastern Shore to escape the heat of urban areas.

The building of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge increased tourism and historically swelled the population of that formerly removed section of Maryland. While things have changed dramatically, there are still remnants of the old fashioned charm of the Eastern Shore, much of which can be found along Route 33, just west of Easton.

Saint Michael's is just such a place. Once, a thriving ship building and waterman's' town, St. Michael's today has retained its quaint historical atmosphere. On weekends, the main street is busy with tourists, shopping at the boutiques, galleries, antique shops, and craft stores.

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, open since 1965, draws visitors interested in a peek at history. Featuring both indoor and outdoor displays, old boats, a lighthouse, and several outbuildings, the Chesapeake Maritime Museum holds festivals centered around the area's history, commerce, and fishing. In September, the museum holds its annual Mid-Atlantic Small Crafts Festival, drawing people who enjoy skiffs, canoes, and kayaks for workshops and demonstrations.

The community also draws boats with its marina, and offers boat charters for a ride on the Bay or a day of fishing.

Cyclists enjoy the area for its level roads, which, once past St. George. Michael's, are reliably quiet.

Keep traveling west on Route 33, past St. Michael's to the public boat ramp at Claiborne. You will not find much to do in Claiborne and therein lies its appeal. A small town of a very few homes, Claiborne is named for the man responsible for the first naval battle in North America. Having established himself as a tobacco farmer and trapper in the early 1600's, William Claiborne strongly opposed to being included in the new territory of Maryland, drawing the ire of Maryland's first governor, Leonard Calvert.

Route 33 ends at Tilghman's Island, an attractive water oriented community on the Chesapeake Bay. Here, you will find farms, a marina, and beautiful older homes. Do not worry about crowds on Tilghmans' Island. A slow drive along its streets is a pleasure when you see the historic homes and excellent water views. Tilghman's Island ends at Black Walnut Point, a wonderful spot for fishing, bird watching, and dramatic Chesapeake Bay sunsets.