How to Separate Your Travel Agent and Plan Your Own Travel


When it comes to international travel, most people think about hiring a travel agent. Why not? In many years of traveling, I have not been able to find a travel agent who can defeat deals I find. It takes a little time, yes, but it does make traveling a lot more worthwhile if you know that you are designing the trip. It belongs to you.

Check your destiny The first thing you need to do is research your destiny. If, for example, you go to England, decide if you are best suited to drive or take the train. If you decide to drive, you need to check things like safety, road rules, and miles. You also need to know what interests you – do you want to find historical sites? Do you want to visit the amusement parks? What makes you happy? Use the internet to find tourism sites for the area, but don’t overlook YouTube or a simple internet search to find out what others have found in the area.

Cut down on your biggest expense The first expense you can afford to travel internationally is your airfare. There are many sites out there that are available to you.,, and are just three sites. Some sites allow you to receive email alerts when prices drop. Start looking out for months outside and make sure you check out nearby airports. It may seem strange, but sometimes smaller airports may have better deals than the bigger ones. Check the fare daily or at least daily.

For European hotels, I have found that mixing and mixing is best. Travelodge or Premier Inns are excellent wallet-friendly hotels, but they are also well worth the small fee. Beds and Breakfasts are an unequal way to do this. Don’t forget the reason you are saving money for breakfast!

One way to find a cheap hotel is to just type in “cheap hotel Paris” and see the results. Make sure you do the hotel reviews, though, before you book!

For transportation, an affordable car rental clearinghouse is Just type in your destination and the site will charge at the highest rate it has. If you can find a cheaper rate through a rental agency, AutoEurope’s customer service agents will always match it. Also, find out how much gas costs in your chosen area. If you are staying near major cities, it is best to take a train or bus ride, as it is not easy to drive in a large town. If you plan to drive and visit a major town, plan for the town to be late and drop off the car before. Paying for parking is always expensive.

Despite the current economy, travel is still a luxury you should never stop! With a little planning you can enjoy a nice vacation and get to exactly where you want to go. No pre-package deal for you!