Hotels in Derry – Local Tips to choose the Best


Derry is the (unofficial) capital northwest of Ireland and the center of business and tourism in the area. More and more people visit the town every year, for pleasure and business purposes. Many events take place in the town each month, attracting visitors from all over Ireland and around the world. In addition, the town is a great base for exploring the North Coast of Northern Ireland, including the Giant’s Causeway, and the unparalleled beauty of Donegal.

Derry is a town divided by the River Foyle. The riverfront known locally as Cityside is the main area of ​​the town center and the historic part of the town, home to the Guildhall and the famous Walls. It is also the most populated area. The other area known locally is Waterside. It has seen rapid growth and growth over recent years as Derry continues to grow and expand. Three bridges comprise the River Foyle, one newly constructed footbridge and two pedestrian bridges.

There are four hotels on the City Side of Derry, there are. four hotels that are aptly described as being in the center of town. Two are to their right of center – Tower Hotel Derry and City Hotel Derry. The other two, Da Vincis and Travelodge Derry, are in the City and within walking distance of the main center.

Two hotels are located in Waterside – Waterfoot Hotel and Premier Inn Derry. Both often have access to Cityside via road bridges, though the new footbridge means Cityside can take about 20 to 30 minutes. While many of Derry’s attractions are in the City, all the amenities of a town can also be found on Waterside, including a variety of shopping and restaurant options. Waterside hotels are also closer to transport links, including the airport and the main roads leading to Belfast and Dublin. Derry train station is also in Waterside.

On the flip side there are many properties to consider as Derry Hotels as the town is easily accessible from them all. The Everglades Hotel and the Beech Hill Hotel Derry are within the city, but are out of town so it is not possible to walk to the city center. Although they are both hotels, they should be given great consideration, especially to those traveling in Derry by car.

Even outside are the White Horse Hotel (the closest hotel to Derry City Airport) and the most famous Belfray Country Inn. Both are a 10 to 15 minute car journey from Derry town center. Two other hotels are about the same distance, but are located above the Irish border in County Donegal. They are the masters of a Greek Hotel and the great value Frontier Hotel.