What are the best islands to visit in Greece?

The most popular islands to visit in Greece, with the & # 39 are Santaryni, Mykonos and Crete. But without a doubt, every time you talk about “the best”, you go here to sub & # 39 objective opinion.
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Thus, it really is determined by what you would like, they are looking for and your personal tastes. Although the Greek islands may be the most popular, it does not always mean that they are your personal favorites.
In Greece, there are 1400 islands, 227 of which are inhabited. At least 80 of them have more than a hundred people. Thus, you have a lot of choice.
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You like well-developed tourist places or roads? Maybe you prefer the ancient history or emerging hot spots? Various islands serve different tastes.
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Most of the Greek islands are in fact in the Aegean Sea (Greece and Turkey), although some have in the Ionian sea, on the Italian side of Greece. To get to the Aegean islands, usually go from Athens. This is the traditional route holidaymakers. If you have only one chance to visit the Greek islands, it may be your best bet.
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Mykonos (which is located near Athens) for some can be expensive. This is especially so if you book a place to stay in one of the most popular hotels. However, if you just stay outside the village, it is much more accessible.
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The visitors usually have the most amazing things that can be said of Crete (between North Africa and Greece). North coast of Crete – is a tourist part of the island. On the south coast, however, there are beautiful beaches, you often can have for themselves, being far away from hotels and villages.
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Santoryni (north of Crete) is very tourist and very popular. It is great for most people, as it mainly provides everything you need and want the average tourist.
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In addition to these very popular places, pig-Naxos (north of Santoryni and more to the mainland) can give you one of the most affordable vacation and comes with beautiful beaches, historical monuments, beautiful architecture and campsites.
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Corfu in the Ionian Sea – the most popular island. There are plenty of restaurants, beaches, bars, clubs and culture.
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In addition, in the Ionian Sea is a very beautiful island of Lefkada, again with fantastic beaches, excellent food, much can be done for the tourists and at very affordable prices. There is also a bridge connecting the island to the mainland, so you can rent a car and drive between the two places.
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If you have been to Greece before, try some of these other places, and then you can determine what the best islands to visit in Greece. On the other hand, if you are going to Greece for the first time, the best thing is probably to visit Santoryni and other beautiful islands of the Aegean.