Have You Ever Played a Paul Reed Smith Guitar?

The Paul Reed Smith Guitar produced in Maryland is the creation of Paul Reed Smith. The year was 1985 when he started producing guitars for local bands. Today the guitar is world famous.

They are sought after because of their fine sound and because of their beautiful features. Musicians want them because of their unique sound. Collectors want them for their unique art work. The basic Paul Reed Smith is made of mahogany and maple wood. They sport a high figured top. Some have what appears to look like tiger stripes.

Some high end models are made of Brazilian rosewood with finger boards made of the same type of wood. This work of art was used by Ted Nugent, the first well known rock star to be convinced to try it out. This was the beginning of something big for the Maryland company.

When a big name like Ted Nugent agrees to use your instrument you are looking at some great publicity if he gives his approval. He did and the guitar maker has not looked back. It is interesting to say the least how the actual guitar can have such a large influence on the music and the performer.

For the average music fan who is not in touch with the musical instruments themselves he takes for granted the connection the performer has with his guitar. The music itself might not have ever appeared if not for a particular model guitar.

The person in the know however can appreciate the connection that the Paul Reed Smith guitar has had with some of the best music to be produced. If you want to try one of the best guitars in the world this is the one for you. In the meantime take a listen to some of your favorite rock music and see if you can tell the difference in the guitars you hear.