Nyle DiMarco

Imagine dancing in front of millions of television viewers when you can’t hear the music. How would you know when to move, when to stop, when to do the lift? For some viewers of Dancing With the Stars it seems incredible that anyone can do the required dances with such grace, but thrown in being deaf and it’s a whole new ball game.

Nyle DiMarco was born on May 8th 1989 and has a twin brother. He is a model, an actor and also a deaf activist who grew up in Maryland and attended Maryland School for the Deaf. Later he would earn a degree in mathematics from Galloudet University before he turned his attention to acting.

He appeared in several programs before earning a spot on America’s Next Top Model. He was only the second male contestant and the first deaf contestant on the reality show, and he of course won the crown back in 2015. Shortly after his win he signed with a top modelling agency in New York and then came the call from Dancing With the Stars.

For those fans of Dancing With the Stars, the choice of DiMarco was one that was embraced. If nothing else he wasn’t hard to watch and he instantly became a fan favourite. But it was his will to succeed when he was at a clear disadvantage compared to the other contestants that won him acclaim and inspired us all.

Di Marco never once looked lost or skipped a beat with his dances. He and his partner(s) looked like every move was effortless when it must have taken extreme concentration on his part to get it all perfect every time.

When asked how he did Dancing so well, he said he was used to using other cues to convey emotions or get his point across. In truth, you don’t have to be verbal or use your ears, but instead you can communicate in different ways.

Now that Dancing is over, Nyle can concentrate on his modelling and acting once again and also take care of his foundation that promotes awareness of the deaf culture.

When we see someone with a disability not let it get in the way of doing what they want to do, it is inspiring, not just to those who are also deaf, but to everyone. Nyle DiMarco doesn’t let deafness be what he’s known for, it is just a part of who he is. Instead he is known as the guy who handily won two reality shows.