Educate Yourself on Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

If you haven’t tuned in to A&E’s TV show, Sell This House, you’re missing out. Helping naive home sellers showcase their homes for sale is the primary show concept, but the real thunder-stealer is the hidden-camera video shown to sellers that reveals what potential buyers are saying about the home for sale during walk-through’s. You’ll either need a box of tissue to dampen your tears or a tall drink of water after you laugh yourself silly. The point is that Maryland home sellers need to be aware of home seller pitfalls that can destroy the chance to make a great home sale with a home buyer.

Mistake number one, do not get emotionally involved in your home sale. This is probably one of the most difficult Maryland home seller mistakes to overcome. It’s necessary to remove yourself from the memories in the home your selling and begin to think and strategize like a business person. Remember how you felt when you purchased your home and know that Maryland buyers are in that same mindset now. With a little staging, remodeling and partnering with your Maryland real estate agent, you’ll sell your home in no time.

Next is mistake number two, selling your home in winter. Unless you have the option to sell in spring, summer or fall, avoid listing your Maryland home for sale during the frosty months. Most people in Maryland are preoccupied with the holidays, busy with social engagements and prefer to stay at home when the weather is chilly outside. On the other hand, with a lack of buyers comes a lack of competing homes and you may be able to secure a foothold in the marketplace for Maryland home sales.

This third mistake is aesthetic-based, being frugal with listing photos. The Internet is what it is – the World Wide Web. And just like it’s name implies, people are using it to access information and images online. Your photos should be clear, crisp and accentuate the positive aspects of your Maryland home for sale. Don’t be stingy with your photography. Include as many options and angles as possible so that buyers have a good sense of the house you’re selling.

Mistake number four sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Do not try to hide problems. If there’s something amiss or askew in your Maryland home for sale, you should fix it, adjust your listing price to account for the problem or acknowledge the problem to the buyer and offer a credit to repair it. Remember, during a Maryland home for sale inspection, problems will be revealed. Be upfront and get them corrected beforehand.

A final mistake to refrain from is not carrying proper insurance. As a Maryland home seller, you’ll have quite a few people passing on and through your property. This has the potential to become a nightmare situation if someone becomes injured and decides to sue you. Take precautions during showings and put the dogs away, keep children away from the pool and forewarn buyers about any obstacles that could be hazardous.

Avoiding the above mistakes as a Maryland home seller will assist you in making the home sale a smooth and efficient process.